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Posted by Sara Jones on 23-Mar-2020 14:34:22

Interdist Alliances and NetApp empowers your organization to build a bespoke data fabric in order to simplify and integrate data services across cloud and on-premise environments. A bespoke data fabric provides an overlay that covers the entirety of your IT estate.

NetApp, the leading hybrid cloud data services company, partners with the largest financial services companies – including retail banking, capital markets, hedge funds and insurance – to take the advantage of their vast volumes of readily available data to improve business performance and efficiency. Companies can:

  • Achieve a customer-centric vision for better insights and business intelligence by breaking siloes and leveraging data assets through the integration of banking applications, creating a single source of truth
  • Manage end-to-end industry-specific compliance processes such as AML-KYC, FRTB and MIFID, as well as Cloud Data Compliance in line with GDPR principles
  • Adopt banking-as-a-service (BaaS) to unlock financial ecosystem collaboration opportunities presented by Open Banking
  • Support cost/income ratio reduction initiatives through the ability to build financial models based on operating expenditure (Opex) vs capital expenditure (Capex)
  • Improve banking operations efficiency, business continuity and recovery strategies, while becoming your customers’ trusted partner, securely managing their personal and sensitive data
  • Deliver better digital business and new digital experiences with cloud as a vehicle to enable new data technologies, platforms, systems and infrastructures. This includes harnessing value from artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cognitive augmented reality
  • Modernize the workplace with digital cloud-based-solutions offering mobility and collaborative suites to accelerate
  • cross-functional engagement, including DevOps and artificial intelligence projects

As we work with customers around the world, we see themes emerge – common objectives companies are pursuing. Your data fabric keeps data at the heart of your business, so you can:

  • Realize the promise of cloud
  • Deliver a public cloud experience on-premise
  • Fuel your enterprise apps
  • Develop and deploy your applications faster
  • Accelerate your journey to AI

Only NetApp amd Interdist Alliances offers the full range of capabilities you need to build and manage your unique data fabric, which provides a common framework to simplify the integration and orchestration of data services across your choice of clouds.


NetApp Data Fabric


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