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Posted by Nicole Moletsane on 15-Jul-2022 17:22:12



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Data is the Differentiator: Unlocking Successful Business Transformation

Posted by Nicole Moletsane on 03-May-2022 10:58:02


No matter the industry, hybrid cloud can help drive business transformation.

Humans have long understood the power of data when it comes to effective decision-making. 20,000 years ago, Paleolithic tribespeople kept records of their trading activity by making marks on sticks and bones, while even a modern-sounding idea like “business intelligence” is older than most of us perhaps realise. In fact, the term first appeared in 1865 in reference to a banker named Henry Furnese, whose facility with information collection and analysis is said to have given him a powerful edge over his competitors.

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Introducing IBM Observability by Instana APM for z/OS

Posted by Nicole Moletsane on 11-Oct-2021 15:48:55
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The story of Hiperdist and IBM

Posted by Nicole Moletsane on 12-Oct-2020 16:56:35

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IBM Q4 Systems Channel Offerings

Posted by Nicole Moletsane on 07-Oct-2020 15:29:23
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IBM Data & AI Webinar Series Resources and Surveys

Posted by Nicole Moletsane on 23-Sep-2020 15:59:01
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Why Hybrid Multicloud Storage Is a Must for Businesses of the Future

Posted by Nicole Moletsane on 02-Sep-2020 12:27:25
A new decade has dawned. The technological boom experienced over previous decades continues, transforming daily life, communication and business rapidly. The potential for even more developments that were once the stuff of fiction increases with every passing second. And one of the greatest tools we have at our fingertips to accelerate this growth, whether from a personal or professional perspective, is data.

Data is a business’s most precious resource. And when businesses tap into that goldmine by harnessing the power of data, their potential for growth is enormous. Those who aren’t yet making the most of the data that runs through their organisations are missing a huge opportunity to streamline processes and connect with customers – and ultimately risk losing their competitive edge. But, if they are to unlock this power, businesses need to think hard about how their data is stored.

The Wize Guys series offers wisdom for our data-driven world, and the storage of that data is a primary consideration. So, what should businesses look for when choosing a data storage solution to suit their needs?

Some must-haves include:

  • Low latency. Accessing or moving precious data quickly is essential in our fast-paced world.
  • Security. Trust and resiliency are factors that are too important to ignore, especially when you’re storing your business’s most valuable resource.
  • Ease of use. Who needs complications?  
  • Cost efficiency. Every penny needs to be spent wisely, especially for smaller businesses. Getting storage right is worth investing in.

IBM recently announced the FlashSystems family of storage solutions. The FlashSystems products deliver on all of the above points without question, but there’s one thing that really puts them head and shoulders above the rest.

The FlashSystems family of storage solutions performs exceptionally in the hybrid multicloud environment. This means that you can find the most seamless solution for your storage, whether your data is on-prem, in the cloud, or a combination of both. With a smaller footprint and dramatic reduction in cost, too. FlashSystems solutions represent increased innovation with decreased complexity and cost. It’s storage made simple. Many of us fall into the trap of preparing for the hypothetical future when, in reality, the future is now. Don’t let your business get left behind. Make the “wize” choice for your business’s data with the FlashSystems family of storage solutions.

source :IBM

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Think Digital Summit Africa 2020

Posted by Nicole Moletsane on 08-Jun-2020 16:37:26

The global impact of COVID-19 has given rise to unique challenges to businesses in Africa, and we know that finding new ways to adapt your operations and enhance IT resiliency has never been more complex.

But you don’t have to do it alone. Join IBM Think Digital Summit Africa experience, a highly concentrated

collaboration focused on accelerating essential recovery and transformation while providing the deep industry experience you need respond to this new business environment.

Attend Think Digital Summit Africa and learn how you can best protect and enable your organisation, manage risk, optimise costs and maintain customer satisfaction. IBM Think Digital Summit Africa provides a unique opportunity to learn from business across the globe and see how we can apply it in an African context. Here are a few sessions I think you should attend:

• The New Essential Technologies for Business. IBM's General Managers for Africa will engage with local CEOs to reflect on new IBM CEO, Arvind Krishna's, view of the essential platforms that provide businesses with the flexibility, speed, reliability and innovation they need to be successful in times of both crisis and opportunity.

• Scale Innovation at Speed with Hybrid Cloud and AI. Jim Whitehurst, President, IBM and previous CEO of Red Hat, will share the latest about IBM’s leading hybrid cloud and AI capabilities, built with Red Hat run-anywhere technology. Learn how a combined strategy is helping healthcare, financial, and other customers succeed in today’s changing world and prepare for what’s next with Cloud and AI.

• Building a Resilient and Smarter Business to Act at the Speed of Insight. Learn how leading organisations are deftly managing this change under extraordinary circumstances to align trusted information to decision making and building new platforms to redefine competitive advantage and transform their industries. See how you can leverage IBM's investment in IBM Garage methodology and its IX studio across Africa to manage your transformation.

• Learn more about IBM's response to COVID-19 and the solutions we have to help your business in these times and how IBM Research Africa is contributing to apply Tech for good.

This is a unique, unprecedented opportunity to learn together.

Join us and let's get thinking

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IBM 90-Day Offer for IBM Storage Insights Pro

Posted by Nicole Moletsane on 29-May-2020 09:15:00

During this challenging Interdist Alliances and IBM prioritise the need for consistency.

IBM Storage Insights is the cloud-based service that helps you monitor the basic health, status, and performance of storage systems. When problems occur, you can get help to identify and troubleshoot those problems and minimise potential downtime, where and when you need it. 

IBM Storage Insights Pro builds on the AI-infused capability of IBM Storage Insights with vastly more data, more predictive capability, and support for non-IBM storage to enable a holistic view of your data centre storage.

With that in mind, IBM has a special 90-day Storage Insights Pro Offer for ALL IBM Storage users.

  • If you're already using IBM Storage Insights, sign in and click "Unlock the full power of IBM Storage Insights Pro". If you've previously used the IBM Storage Insights Pro trial, the button will be re-enabled. 
  • If you aren't yet using IBM Storage Insights, sign up for free at https://ibm.biz/insightsreg.

After 90 days, you can choose to subscribe to IBM Storage Insights Pro or return to using the free version.

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Join us to discuss the changes announced at Think 2020 in IBM PartnerWorld.

Posted by Nicole Moletsane on 26-May-2020 11:11:50

At Think 2020, IBM announced changes in PartnerWorld which revolved around 4 key pillars – Adapt, Develop, Focus and Shift.

To keep you updated and discuss your feedback, we have organised session with IBM team on 3rd June 2020 at 1:00 PM (GMT+2). In this session, we will discuss the changes announced at Think 2020 in IBM PartnerWorld.

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Topics: IBM, Interdist Alliances, interdistconversations, number1distributor

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