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Cisco Collaboration: Webex ONE

Posted by Iulia Cozma on 11-Dec-2020 13:00:00

This week, during the  WebexOne virtual conference, Cisco unveiled the all new Webex  – one easy-to-use and secure way to call, message, meet, and get work done. More than 50 innovations announced this week fall into three areas: seamless collaboration, smart hybrid work experiences, and intelligent customer experiences, all built on the rock-solid security and privacy synonymous with Cisco.

We are really excited about all the new features, but here's our Top 5 favourites:

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Cisco Collaboration: A Security-First Approach to Remote Working

Posted by Iulia Cozma on 10-Apr-2020 12:47:00

During this unprecedented time, remote working collaboration tools (including video conferencing) have become a lifeline for businesses and their people to stay connected and productive. As remote working becomes increasingly mainstream, companies are taking a closer look at the tools they are relying upon, and realising security and privacy must be at the forefront.

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Cisco Free Security Offerings

Posted by Iulia Cozma on 09-Apr-2020 14:20:00

Recently, Cisco Webex expanded its free offerings to allow employees to stay connected to their teams and continue their business operations. Cisco is broadening this offer to include security for remote employees by providing extended free licenses and expanded usage counts at no extra charge for four of the key security technologies that are designed to protect remote workers anywhere, anytime and on any device.

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Cisco Webex leads the world in Free Video Conferencing and Collaboration

Posted by Iulia Cozma on 31-Mar-2020 12:40:03

There is an unprecedented increase in remote working happening worldwide, which is growing exponentially daily. Today, due to global circumstances resulting from COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease), many who are working from home are not doing so as a perk, but as an imperative.

Cisco Webex keeps work moving to ensure business continuity while also becoming a huge competitive advantage. A single unified platform, which pulls together every communication medium, unites home workers and allows businesses to continue better than before.

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Cisco Meraki event in Casablanca with Casanet

Posted by Iulia Cozma on 16-Oct-2019 10:40:56

Hiperdist Alliances and Casanet have recently hosted a successful two day event in Casablanca, focused on Cisco Meraki technology and how it can support customers with industry-leading IT infrastructure in a new era of increasing digital consumption. 

We would like to extend a warm thank you to all the attendees, we hope you have found this event insightful and that you taken a step closer to incorporating Cisco Meraki into your IT strategy.

We are very pleased to have received such positive feedback and we look forward to continue building solid relationships and speeding up your journey to success. 

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Speed up your sales with Cisco Rocktober Promotions

Posted by Iulia Cozma on 26-Sep-2019 11:20:00

With small businesses expanding into the cloud, making an investment in networking is more critical today than ever before. This expansion is driving fundamental change across every IT infrastructure domain. Small Businesses need a network that’s always available, adaptable, fast, reliable and secure.

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