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3 Ways Cisco Protects Your Customers Against Ransomware

Posted by Iulia Cozma on 14-Jun-2017 09:20:29
In a fully connected world, security threats continue to evolve, keeping ahead of the most advanced defences. Ransomware is the fastest-growing threat with an average of more than 4,000 attacks occuring daily since January 2016. Are your customers aware of the importance of network security?
Interdist Alliances and Cisco can help you reach out to your customers and position Cisco's Ransomware Defense Solution, which provides layers of protection from DNS security to endpoint security to network security.

Before an Attack

QRadar Security Analytics Platform

To fight known but in particular unknown threats, organisations must move beyong local, reactive intelligence to predictive intelligence. Cisco Umbrella delivers security from the cloud by using the internet's infrastructure to block malicious destinations before a connection is established. 
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During the Attack

QRadar Security Analytics Platform

The Cisco Email Security portfolio delivers inbound protection and outbound data control through advanced threat intelligence and a layered approach to security. 
Cisco Advanced Malware Protection for Email Security blocks ransomware delivered through spam, phising emails or attachments.

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Ransomware Defense2017 Cybersecurity Report

After an Attack

QRadar Security Analytics Platform

Cisco integrate into their solution always on, retrospective security with AMP (Advanced Malware Protection). Point - in - Time detection tools alone are insufficient. Cisco AMP provides Threat Intelligence, Point – in – Time detection and continuous analysis of files to defeat advanced threats.
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