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Strategies to Enable Business Continuity

Posted by Sara Jones on 25-Mar-2020 15:04:57

NetApp is here, ready to help you enable business continuity and progress during these disruptive times. We can help you support remote-access workers, help ensure the availability of data and applications, and help you prepare for—and avoid—the next wave of potential disruptions.

With current events causing unprecedented changes to business, Interdist Alliances wanted to extend an offer to help. We’re working closely with all types of companies as they mobilize to sustain operations—and as they too address the rapidly changing needs of their own customers, partners and employees.

We’re in this together—and we’re here for you. Here’s a summary of the immediate issues many companies are facing, and how we—and our NetApp partners—can help:

  • * Understanding if your infrastructure is ready for the next 30 days—we can help you analyze your capacity trends over the next 30 days and identify applications that might be running hot or storage systems that are overburdened.
  • * Supporting remote workers—as you roll out new remote work policies, we can help you build and deploy cloud-based EUC and VDI today or help you improve the performance and scalability of your on-premises VDI infrastructure.
  • * Ensuring that your data and applications are available and performing—we can help you rationalize your data and application infrastructure, move data between on-premises storage and cloud, and help to ensure data availability across clouds.

We’ve set up a new web page with more details on these business priorities.

Contact us to have something scheduled for you with one of our experts.

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