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Broaden your bandwidth, Expand your business, Meet the 1960 multi-gigabit access switch

Posted by Jatin Falwaria on 27-Oct-2023 09:36:53

Introducing the latest addition to our 1960 Switch Series, the 1960 multi-gigabit access switch. With 12 ports with PoE and 2 sets of 10GbE uplink ports for 10Base-T and SFP+, this new switch supports next-generation connectivity and Wi-Fi 6 access points with a variety of ports to meet the needs of small and medium businesses.

The new multi-gig switch offers 4 ports of 2.5GbE and 60W of PoE, allowing businesses to upgrade their network capacity without changing their existing Cat 5/6(a) cabling. It also has 8 ports of 1GbE and 30W of PoE for legacy or lower bandwidth devices. The switch supports uplinking to the Aruba Instant On 1960 12-port aggregation switch and has dual uplink ports for 10GbE speed. Adding the switch to an existing stack of 1960 Series Switches can boost Wi-Fi 6 access points and next-generation hardware. The True Stacking feature ensures a seamless integration without network disruption. Workstations with 2.5GbE Network Interface Cards can take advantage of the switch's ports to accelerate cloud workloads and server performance. Additionally, it enhances the capabilities of Wi-Fi 6 access points with its increased bandwidth. The 1960 multi-gigabit switch is suitable for various environments, such as education, high-tech firms, and healthcare clinics, as it provides higher bandwidth and throughput.


If your workstations are equipped with 2.5GbE Network Interface Cards (NICs), you can effectively enhance the performance of workloads carried out in the cloud or on-premises servers by utilizing the 2.5GbE ports. The same ports also enable Wi-Fi 6 access points, like the Aruba Instant On AP25, to fully utilize their capabilities by providing the additional bandwidth necessary to support the AP25's 5.2Gbps aggregate throughput.

The 1960 multi-gigabit switch is designed to cater to diverse environments, offering both port diversity and high throughput. It can assist educational institutions during high-volume events by increasing access, improving workstation efficiency in high-tech companies, and enable healthcare clinics to quickly access electronic medical records. These features make the 1960 multi-gigabit switch a valuable asset for small organizations, providing them with higher bandwidth and improved throughput.

Our Aruba experts are ready to help with your networking requirements, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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Aruba Instant On AP25 Ultra-High-speed access points to small businesses

Posted by Jatin Falwaria on 16-Oct-2023 12:13:14

Aruba Instant On AP25 is a Wi-Fi 6 certified access point with 160 MHz channel bandwidth, 2.5 G Ethernet uplink ports, and 4 spatial streams that offer fast connectivity, broader coverage, and lower latency for a superior Wi-Fi experience.

Small businesses are the launchpads of innovation. They are uniquely positioned to adopt immersive e-commerce and entertainment experiences powered by Wi-Fi 6 applications, such as AR/VR, multimedia streaming, and esports to expand their customer base and grow their business.

And as with many great innovations, speed is paramount to success. Yet many small to midsize businesses (SMBs) struggle with just that — unable to support an increasing number of complex devices, connections may be spotty and sluggish. The rise of remote and hybrid workplaces has put further pressure on the network. Slow speeds and connectivity problems impact small businesses’ ability to quickly adapt to changing customer needs and to tackle new markets.

To fully realize next-generation opportunities, SMBs need networking tools that deliver ultra-high-speed network performance to feed bandwidth-hungry applications and to support a lag-free customer Wi-Fi experience at a price that won’t break the bank. That’s where a fast and reliable network solution comes in.


At Aruba, we keep a step ahead of ever-changing business needs to provide best-in-class solutions so businesses can focus on growth and not be limited by network bottlenecks.

That’s why we’re introducing the Aruba Instant On AP25 — an easy-to-use, high-performance 4x4 Wi-Fi 6 access point that’s designed to handle demanding high-density environments, allowing small businesses to serve more customers with higher speed, capacity, and performance.

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