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Oracle FREE Certifications

Posted by Nicole Moletsane on 20-Apr-2020 15:18:06


Any user, including developers, technical professionals, architects, students and professors, will have quick and easy access to more than 50 hours of online training and 6 certification exams.

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Oracle Autonomous Database

Posted by Nicole Moletsane on 14-Apr-2020 12:08:24

Many IT leaders are tentative about moving critical database assets to the cloud, and justifiably so, as they have experienced less than stellar results and seen the limitations of popular commodity cloud solutions.

Achieve enterprise-level scalability, security, performance, and automation at a level that often exceeds what you can achieve in your own data centre. That’s the power of Oracle Autonomous Database, run on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, a second-generation cloud offering that uses AI and Machine Learning.

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More About Autonomous Database

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Posted by Sara Jones on 23-Mar-2020 14:34:22

Interdist Alliances and NetApp empowers your organization to build a bespoke data fabric in order to simplify and integrate data services across cloud and on-premise environments. A bespoke data fabric provides an overlay that covers the entirety of your IT estate.

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Are the best things in life really Free?

Posted by Nicole Moletsane on 07-Feb-2020 14:35:27


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The Economic Impact of IBM SAP HANA

Posted by Nicole Moletsane on 30-Dec-2019 12:01:36
Thank you for all who attended our Webinar on THE ECONOMIC IMPACT OF SAP HANA. What an incredible session we had! 
An organization's data is like a treasure chest - once opened, riches are revealed. The challenge is unlocking the treasure chest. Organizations are deploying HANA to take advantage of their data to find new customer insights, streamline supply chains, process reporting faster and more. While HANA can unleash data, IBM®Power Systems™ unleashes HANA.
IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting for a quick summary of findings of the economic benefits customers will likely realize from these unique capabilities. Below is a quick summary of findings.
Contact us to continue the conversation on how smart organisations are deploying HANA on Power, simplifying their IT infrastructure at the same time they are simplifying their data management.
READ MORE>> on The total Economic Impact of IBM Power Systems.
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NetApp® AFF C190 and Interdist Alliances in Kenya!

Posted by Sara Jones on 28-Nov-2019 11:33:50

Interdist Alliances recently hosted a successful event in Kenya, focusing on the NetApp® AFF C190, which offers an enterprise-class flash system for an affordable price. The NetApp® AFF C190, only available through distributors and channel partners, has built-in data protection, synchronous replication, encryption, and more to ensure that company and customer data is safe and accessible. 

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Our most recent NetApp in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Posted by Sara Jones on 26-Nov-2019 11:45:48

Interdist Alliances and Symbol Technologies have recently hosted a successful event in Ethiopia, focusing on NetApp Cloud Computing, Virtualization and Data Fabric technology. Learning, how NetApp Solutions can support customers, with industry-leading IT infrastructure in a new era of digital consumption.

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Interdist Alliances, Ostec and IBM

Posted by Nicole Moletsane on 10-Oct-2019 15:56:24
Hiperdist Ghana, Ostec and IBM hosted an event on Security Intelligence and Digital Trust. The event was held at the Swiss Spirit Hotel & Suites Alisa in Accra, Ghana on the  09th October 2019.
Security Intelligence and Digital trust are at the heart of the digital evolution. The discussion addressed emerging challenges in business, compliance and risk management.The evolving cyberthreat landscape is a driving force behind these conversations in Ghana.
The Speakers were Viren Mathur, Director of Value from Interdist Alliances, Pelin Konakci and Olumuyiwa Arowosegbe.
We at Interdist Alliances pride ourselves in building solid relationships for lasting success! Contact us to continue the conversation.
Thank you again and we look forward to meeting you next time

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Drive Demand through Data-Driven Digital Transformation

Posted by Sara Jones on 04-Oct-2019 11:43:19

On Friday 27th September Interdist Alliances and NetApp organised a workshop, to help customers maximise the value of their data, drive digital transformation, and achieve a competitive advantage.

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Alibaba Cloud- 2019 Apsara Conference

Posted by Nicole Moletsane on 01-Oct-2019 12:32:28

The impact of cloud services on businesses is revolutionary and immeasurable. Come join us in Hangzhou China as we explore the 2019 APSARA Conference.

The conference was from the 25th to the 27th September 2019. With three main halls and two main forums, more than 110 summits covering a range of topics from machine intelligence, Blockchain, 5G, cloud native database to biometrics, chip, self-driving, and heterogeneous computing.

Alibaba Group introduced its first AI inference chip during the Apsara Conference. The Hanguang 800's peak performance is 78,563 images per second in an inference image classification benchmark test on ResNet-50, four times higher than the current best AI microprocessors in the industry. The chip's peak efficiency is 500 IPS/W, 3.3 times better than the second-ranked one.

Don Omondi, NeXtGeN Solution Architect, Africa and Levant and Jessica Alabi Abimbola,NeXtGeN Platform Account Manager, West Africa had LIVE interviews during the conference. To get their view on the biggest Cloud Computing & AI conference, follow our YouTube Channel to watch the interviews.



We are committed to, and fully invested in driving change through the adoption of technology in Africa across all market segments. Our customer network is both broad and deep and something that we continuously seek to enhance.

Interdist Alliances is ‘Your Gateway into Africa’.

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